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September Forecast 2021

Oops! In the 2 years I have been running my newsletter I have never, ever posted late. Emails always went out on the 1st of the month.

But something happened...

If you follow me on social media you know that I shared that my relationship of 12 years ended. I took on the role as single-mother officially about a month ago.

But life has to keep going. I would ask Spirit what was next? And Spirit would tell me to rest.

So, I would pull a tarot card and the card would say to rest. Then, I would pull an oracle card and it was say to rest. I would meditate and my message would be to rest.

I didn't listen, I felt as though I was supposed to be doing something. I am a busy body and I have always had 2 or more jobs. I continued asking my guides what else I could do? ..What more could I do?

And they would say, rest.

When we do not listen to Spirit or the Universe the message just gets louder.


Well, I got really sick and could not get out of bed for 2 whole days. So, I rested, and rested.

I missed time at all of my jobs and missed deadlines. (like posting this newsletter)

This was difficult for me as someone that has their Sun conjunct their Saturn. (I am very hard on myself.) But I finally heard the message.

Rest when you need to. Work will still be there when you are done resting.

Omaha Metro Area:

I will be at Mystic Fest Saturday October 2nd 10am-6pm & Sunday October 3rd 11am-5pm

Astrology Readings $25

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September 10th Venus enters Scorpio- Venus governs love, beauty, and our values. Scorpio is the ruler of power and passion. Scorpio always brings extremes. When Venus is in Scorpio either we are not in love or we are obsessed. Either we don't know what we value or we are super serious about our values. There isn't an in between with this transit. We may also see power struggles within our personal relationships. With one of us trying to be the more dominant one. This may seem like a dark love transit, and it kind of is, but honestly other than the romanticized Venus in Libra or Taurus...I wouldn't want any other lover than Venus in Scorpio...because when they love, they love hard.

September 14th Mars enters Libra- Mars tells us where we put our energy. When Mars is in Libra, our focus will about finding harmony and balance within our partnerships or relationships. These can be work relationships as well.

September 22nd Sun enters Libra- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRAS! The symbol for Libra is the balanced scales. This represents the overall needed balance that Libras require in all areas of their life. Libras are here to spread equality and justice. They enjoy when things are harmonious amongst the community. Libra is the ruler of all of our relationships, because after all they need give and take, or balance, in order for them to be successful.

September 27th Mercury retrograde enters Libra- When a planet turns retrograde it is a time to turn inward and reflect on the themes of the transit. Mercury has us analyze the way we think and communicate. With the retrograde in Libra, we are being asked to reflect on our relationships. How can we communicate better in our relationships? What can we say? How can we express our thoughts in a more harmonious way?

Take it from me...🥴

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