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May Forecast 2022

Yes, it is just $9! This class will cover the beginning basics of how to interpret your birth chart for your emotional well-being.

Or what I like to call your Cosmic Emotional Design™️

You will need to know your birth time for this mini-class.

Do you have questions about Emotion Code?

Watch the video below.

(There are minute notes so you can jump to your question)

What is an Emotion Code Session? 1:05

What are trapped emotions? 1:50

How are emotions released? 2:54

What issues/pain can you heal? 3:58

How many emotions are released? 7:54

What to do before a session? 9:08

What happens during a session? 9:49

How might you feel? 15:29

Will you need more sessions? 16:23

What happens after? 18:00

Nicole Sagesse's session offerings: 19:39


The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

My First Zodiac Book by Nicole Sagesse invites children to meet the 12 zodiacs, the planets, and elements. Your children can learn social, emotional, and behavioral skills from astrology. You will also find beginner-level sight words, labeling, and 36 vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions inside.

Wonderful for ages 2-7!

I will be offering my services at a discounted rate at Mystic Fest in Council Bluffs, IA.

June 4th and June 5th

Astrology Readings $25 for 20 minutes

Emotion Code Sessions $20 for $15 minutes

Autographed "My First Zodiac Book" $15

May 2nd Venus enters Aries- Venus was calm and compassionate in Pisces. It is time to speed things up in Aries. We had the time to daydream in April but Venus in Aries is ready to put things into action. This can be in areas of love, self-love, and values.

May 10th Mercury stations Retrograde in Gemini- Retrograde is a time to pause and do some inner work. The theme for the work is based on the sign the planet is in. Mercury in Gemini is it's home sign, making this a more impactful Retrograde. We will be searching within on ways that we can express and communicate that will be better. We may be forced to see both sides of a situation and not have a set opinion on matters.

May 10th Jupiter enters Aries- It takes Jupiter about a year to transit through one sign. It just let Pisces and will now be in Aries. This planet of abundance, optimism, expansion is bring a collective call to turn our dreams into actions. Remember that it spent 1 year in Pisces, compassionate and dreamy. It is now in the independent initiating sign of Aries. We took the time to heal and understand ourselves more this past year. Jupiter in Aries would like you to use the tools that you learned and put them to use.

May 20th Sun enters Gemini- 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMINIS!! ♊ Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins, meaning duality. Geminis can sometimes be seen as "two-faced" by out lookers because they may not necessarily agree to any side or opinion, and they don't have to! This sign is chatty, funny, witty, and a bit scatter brained. They may have a short attention span. Gemini's are ruled by Mercury and it is an intellectual sign, they will often know a little about a lot of topics but not be an expert in any specific areas.

May 22nd Mercury Retrograde enters Taurus- While Mercury retrograde transits Taurus. We will be revaluating our values, money, and material possessions. What really matters to you? What do you need things or people do you need to hold on to or let go of? What people or places provide you with calmness or stability?

May 24th Mars enters Aries- Mars is at home in Aries! Mars governs energy, drive, assertiveness, and our sex drive. There may be a lot of impulsive actions taken in these areas. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. We need the energy of Mars sometimes to get things done otherwise we would never move.

May 28th Venus enters Taurus- This is another transit home placement. Venus governs the sign of Taurus. In Taurus she enhances our need for beautiful, serene surroundings. We will want security and stability within our environment, money, and our values.

With it being spring in the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to focus on plants and flowers as a healing modality. It is their time to blossom and shine.

Here are a few herbal tips:

Peppermint and Lemon Balm are good for emotional healing.

You can drink both as herbal tea.

Rosemary and Rose can be used for cleansing.

You can wrap these around your sage or palo santo when you do your cleansing.

Or burn them in a burn bowl.

Call in the universe, your guides, ancestors, or guardian angels

to support you in your healing and cleansing.

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