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Let the stars
guide you.
Empower your

Ready to learn and heal?
Ready to release emotions?

We all feel lost at some point in our lifetime.  The more we look outside of ourselves the more misguided we can become.  Learning, connecting, and growing with who we are can help us find the path we've been looking for.

Ways you can work with me:

An in-depth emotional interpretation of your planetary placements.

Astrology Session

Astrology Sessions

are a way to create a cosmic emotional connection to your inner and outer self.  Insight on love, relationships, career, wellness, and your soul's path.

The reading I received from Nicole helped me understand parts of myself I've struggled with for so long.  Her readings are not only detailed but full of compassion and heart-centered.

Emotion Code

Emotions are energy and carry vibrational waves.

Emotion Code Sessions

It was like an emotional spa.  I feel more at peace inside in a way that is new for me and it's soo good. A subtle change but one that matters a lot.
          - Carmen

a completely non-invasive healing technique.  Identify and release trapped emotions such as fear, stress, depression, and anxiety.  Helps with acute and severe physical pain.

The cosmic emotional tools you never had.

Sage Cosmic Academy

an online program designed to help increase emotional well-being through the use of Astrology.

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