Hello, Cosmic Soul!  Is there something that is holding you back?

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I’m Nicole Sagesse (sah-jess)- Sagittarius Goddess, mama, teacher, children's author, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and YOUR Wellness Astrologer.  I specialize in Emotional Astro guidance for all Cosmic Souls ready to work towards their life purpose, mission, and goals!

I am a Scorpio Moon and Rising with 9 planetary placements in water and my Jupiter and Mars are both in Pisces.  Not too familiar with astrology? It means I am a giant cosmic ball of intuitive empathy with extreme passions! Yes, I have a stellar sixth sense and I am obsessively dedicated to my work. Oh, and my Sagittarius Sun shines positivity and light to all that I do.

With my cosmic wellness guidance, I can show you why you may have an emotional pattern, how to recognize it, how to work with it, how to break it, and how to create a new pattern.


My mission is to guide you with the stars so that YOU can fulfill your life's purpose.  

My vision is to empower emotional well-being.



BA Behavioral Science/

Bellevue University

BA Elementary Education/

Endorsement in Early Childhood/

Concordia University

Certificate in Astrology

Fundamentals and

Birth Chart Interpretation/



Emotion Code


Discover Healing

More about Nicole...


Astrology has always been in my life.  An interest passed down from my parents. In 2017 my son was born, and I felt a call to teach him Astrology.  This was when I decided to write “My First Zodiac Book.”  While the book was being made I dove further into the cosmos and my own birth chart. I later received a certificate in Astrology from Astrosymbolica. 


My intuitive and empathic abilities have also drawn me to the development and assistance of emotional and social behaviors. I am a former full-time teacher with degrees in both Early Childhood and Behavioral Science. I am also certified in Emotion Code energy healing. Astrology has taught me to accept my inner and outer being and it has led me to pursue my true calling.

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