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July 2021 Forecast

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


The lessons are 30-40 minutes and will be presented live via Zoom over the course of 3 consecutive days. The videos will be recorded and available for review. Tentatively, July 23th, 24th, 25th.

However, if you are present 2 out of the 3 days LIVE I will enter your name for you to win 50% off the full Cosmic Goddess Emotional Empowerment Program set to begin in September. That means you get the whole program valued at $144 for one payment of $72!




Enter HERE to win a free full-ride scholarship (winner announced mid August)

6 months of Cosmic Guidance and 1 Year of access- self-paced

What You Get:

12 Pre- Recorded Guided Video Lessons

12 Digital Workbooks $266 Value

Cosmic Emotional Map $55 Value

6 Editable Journals $66 Value

Emotion Code Healing Sessions $110 Value

Facebook Community (optional)

Welcome Kit

Guided Meditation

Total Value $497 for $144



July 11th Mercury enters Cancer- This transit inspires us to speak from a more loving perspective with care and nurture in our voice. It is a good time to understand someone else's point-of-view and support them in ways that they need to you. Mercury in Cancer will have our mind more home and family centered.

July 15th Chiron goes Retrograde- This is a time to do inner healing. Connect with your heart chakra. Eyes closed, hand over your heart. Focus on the heart chakra, breathe deep. See if any problems arise, do not force it. Then ask the universe to help guide you to release it. You can do this for one issue at a time. Respect your heart and know when you have released enough for the time being.

July 21st Venus enters Virgo- This is a good time to cleanse and organize your personal space. This can be at work or at home, but it most likely will be a space that you value and find happiness or peace in. If you want to cleanse a space that you would like to find happiness in then this is a good time for that as well. We may also feel more encouraged to continue or begin working on our mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

July 22nd SUN ENTERS LEO- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEOS!! Leos are loyal and protective of their loved ones. Think of a Lioness and her cubs, that is how protective Leos are with all the people they love. While Leos are known for their dramatics, this doesn't mean that they necessarily strive for it or want it. It may just be that they have a radiant energy, from their ruling planet the Sun, and people are attracted to it. Leos are known to be creative and like to have fun. They are often connected to work that involves children.

July 27th Mercury enters Leo- What ideas do you need to bring to light? It is time to let your creations shine. We may feel that we need to be the loudest voice in the room because we will want to share our biggest and brightest thoughts. Since the collective may all be feeling prideful in these areas remember that other's voices and thoughts matter too, so balance it out with listening.

July 28th Jupiter Rx enters Aquarius- Retrogrades are when we do inner healing. Jupiter is going back into Aquarius where it was at the beginning of the year. We are being asked to revisit any innovative ideas that will help the community or collective at large. It does not have to be leading a huge workshop. Do you have a gift, talent, or your unique love and kindness that you can share with one person that they can share with another...and another? That is helping the community and collective in an abundant way!

July 29th Mars enters Virgo- Mars in Virgo will give more drive and force to matters around our work and wellness. Whereas Venus is about doing things peacefully and beautifully, Mars will now go into overdrive. This is a good time to take advantage of the energy and get things done that you need to.

  1. Make a to-do list. Writing things down helps get things off our mind and clears up space in our head. We are able to see our thoughts visually. From here we can decide what are the most important things to get done. We can physically check them off as we go whereas in our mind we cannot do that. I make a to-do list for this Newsletter.

  2. Stop multitasking! Yes, stop it! Society has lead most of us to believe that this is a top trait to have. It certainly has a place, but it is not always necessary. In order for us to truly focus on a task at hand we have to just that, focus on that particular task at hand. To give it all our energy and get the best results. Multitasking can create scattered energy.

  3. Practice mindfulness. To me this means observing your thoughts without judgement. How can you do this? For instance, if your mind is cluttered with household chores: laundry, dishes, picking up toys etc. Imagine each of these thoughts on a cloud and just let them pass by one by one without a feeling attached to them. In fact, if you have a feeling such as stress imagine that feeling on a cloud and watch that cloud pass by.

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