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What Cosmic Souls Say...



Throughout my session Nicole made me feel comfortable and at ease. The things she mentioned resonated with me and I felt sensations and emotions coming up to the surface during the release. I felt some positive benefits from the session and would also recommend it to others!



It was like an emotional spa.  I feel more at peace inside in a way that is new for me and it's soo good. A subtle change but one that matters a lot.



During the session, Nicole opened my eyes to how my puppy was grieving after losing her best fur friend.  It made me aware of emotions I didn't even think Eva was enduring.  After being revealed my puppy was emotionally suffering, it allowed me to focus on ways to help her cope.  I could tell Eva's anxiety and depression subsided and she was slowly getting back to who she was.

Hi, Cosmic Soul!  I am so excited to work with you!

Please read all of the following carefully

or watch the YouTube Video below:


Sessions are 20-30 minute  Zoom sessions.

A minimum of 5 trapped emotions and a maximum of 10 trapped emotions

will be released per session.


Please check your email for Zoom information.



What is the "Emotion Code"?

 It is an energy healing technique that can help identify and release trapped emotions.  Trapped emotions can block us from our highest good, cause physical pain, stress, anxiety, fear etc.

Emotion Code healing is completely non-invasive.  Nicole does not need to know your personal business, why, or what happened to you unless you choose to disclose that information.  


Emotions are energy, and carry vibrational waves, just like everything else in the universe.  Nicole uses a technique called muscle testing on herself to tap into your energy field.  Your subconscious will let her body know what emotions are causing ailments that would like to be healed, or what trapped emotion you have that would like to be released.  The trapped emotions are then released through magnetic therapy.  The number of sessions needed to clear your physical ailment or emotional issue depends on the severity.

Who is this for?  

EVERY SINGLE SOUL!  Even pets! Some of us inherit trapped emotions, and we all trap emotions over the course of our life because that is just the way life is.  If you are in acute pain, severe pain, suffer from anxiety, depression, etc. OR even if you just feel something is blocking you from achieving your goals...


Do I have to be physically present?

No!  We are all tapped into the same energetic source!  Amazing, right?!

Zoom sessions work just as well as in-person sessions.


What do I have to do during the session?

Sit back and relax!  Nicole does all of the work.

Please make note of your scheduled session time.


Hydration is key: Please drink a glass of water before our session.

Remember to check your email for Zoom info.

Are you interested in becoming a
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner?

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