Are emotional blocks keeping you

from manifesting your heart's desires?

All the emotional tools and knowledge you need in one virtual place!

We will connect every New Moon and Full Moon over the course of 6 months.  We will learn why we have emotional patterns, how to recognize, work with, release, and create new emotional patterns.

What's Included...

Weekly Calls

Cosmic Emotional Map

Emotional Healing Sessions

Meet Your Wellness Astrologer


Feeling Features...

Month 1: Aries /Libra

Emotional Self & Finding Balance

  • How you function emotionally

  • Cosmic Emotional Map

  • Relationships & your emotions

  • Balancing your emotions

Month 3: Gemini/ Sagittarius

Talk it out & Answer your own questions

  • Communication

  • Self-discovery

  • Self-Interview

  • Self talk

Month 5: Leo/ Aquarius

Let your uniqueness shine

  • Meet your inner child

  • Embrace your unique emotions

  • Emotional communities

Month 2: Taurus/ Scorpio

Know your worth & Do the work

  • Self-worth

  • Self-Love

  • Shadow work & Triggers

Month 4: Cancer/Capricorn

Safety & Strengths

  • Self-care

  • Feeling emotionally safe

  • Know your strengths

Month 6: Virgo/ Pisces

Let's get down to healing!

  • Emotional habits

  • Emotional routines

  • Healing techniques and strategies

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of looking all over the internet for emotional coping strategies

  • You are looking for more of a Spiritual and Cosmic way of healing

  • You are ready to come face to face with who you are

  • You want to put in the work to release old patterns and create new ones

  • You are ready to open your heart and claim your happiness

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