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You have a clear and deep inner knowing!

Corresponding Zodiac Sign:



Some quick ways to protect your

empath essence:

1. Use protective crystals.   Carry or wear crystals.   There are crystals that hold healing and protective properties so that you do not absorb outside energy when you don't want to.

2. Cleanse your Cosmic Soul.   As an empath, you absorb the energy around you.   Take time to cleanse your space and chakras.   Cut energy cords when you need to.

3. Take some alone time.   Absorbing outside energy can be depleting and exhausting.   Recharging your sacred empath essence requires some alone time.   One single minute can make a huge difference.

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Hi, I'm Nicole Sagesse!

I’m a Wellness Astrologer and Certified Emotion Code Practioner.   I have helped tons of Cosmic Souls discover their cosmic emotional design and empower their emotional well-being.

I have a certificate in Astrology in birth chart reading, a BA in both Education and Behavioral Science.   My Mars and Pisces are in Pisces, and I have 9 planetary placements in water.

I can give you the tools you need to work with, break, or create new patterns so that you can empower your emotional well-being.  And there’s nothing I love more than helping others heal themselves.

For further details and resources on your personal cosmic emotional design and how to protect it, connect with me and my services.

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