A Synastry reading is a combination of TWO people's birth charts.  The planets and stars overlay and interact.  This session will tell what each person brings to the relationship. My goal is to interpret these dynamics.


While most people use Synastry for love relationships, it can be used for friendships, mother-daughter, etc.


*I MUST have the exact date, time and location of BOTH parties birth in order to provide an accurate reading. Check your birth certificate. (If your exact birth time is not known a 30 minute window is acceptable)
*Why do I need your birth time? To pull up the exact location of the stars and planets the exact moment you were born. From there I interpret their meaning.
*I need to know the purpose for this session.  Please email me up to 4 questions you may want answered in the messages while booking.

Questions I CAN answer:  Where are you challenged?  How to balance communication, harmony, love?  Why does your partner operate the way they do?  How do you influence each other?

 Not sure what to ask?  Just say, "general guidance."  Readings without questions may be shorter.
*You may reply ONCE in an email after your session and ask questions.

*SELECT EMAIL at check out.  You will receive your 30-45 minute voice recorded reading in an email within 10 business days (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends) i.e: They are NOT business days. If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday. Please be patient- I am a mama above all else. 


DISCLAIMER:  All readings are confidential.  I am not providing legal, medical, or psychological advice.
Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours after purchase.  There will be NO REFUNDS after that.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: You must be 18 years of age to purchase a Zodiac Mama Life Reading. All credit card purchases must be made by credit card holder.  By purchasing a reading from Zodiac Mama Life you are agreeing that you are providing your own personal information and not another parties.

Synastry- Couple's Reading

Person 1 Session Agreement
Person 2 Session Agreement
  • 30-45 minute voice recording session, a birth chart image, and a note-taking pdf.  This will be sent to you in an email within 10 business days of purchase. (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends) i.e: If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday.

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