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Sessions are 20-30 minutes.

We will release a minimum of 5 trapped emotions and a maximum of 10.


*Check your email for Zoom Info*


What is the "Emotion Code"?  It is an energy healing technique that can help identify and release trapped emotions.  Trapped emotions can block us from our highest good, cause physical pain, stress, anxiety, fear etc.

Emoticon Code healing is totally non-invasive.  I do not need to know your personal business, why, or what happened to you unless you choose to disclose that information.  

How?  Emotions are energy, and carry vibrational waves, just like everything else in the universe.  I use a technique called muscle testing to tap into your energy field.  Your subconscious will let me know what emotions are causing ailments that would like to be healed, or what trapped emotion you have that would like to be released.  The trapped emotions are then released through magnetic therapy.

Who is this for?  EVERY SINGLE SOUL!  Some of us inherit trapped emotions, and we all trap emotions over the course of our life because that is just the way it is.  If you are in acute pain, severe pain, suffer from anxiety, depression, etc. OR even if you just feel something is blocking you from achieving your goals...THIS IS FOR YOU!

Do I have to be physically present? No!  We are all tapped into the same energetic source!  I know, amazing! However, these sessions will be done via Zoom so I can get to know you.


Please note ALL times are CENTRAL. 


Hyrdation is key: Please drink a glass of water before our session.


Emotional Healing

  • Nicole will email you the Zoom information.  It is your respnsibility to "dial" in at your sheduled CENTRAL time.

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