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Hey, Cosmic Soul! I am so excited to work with you!

Astrology Sessions open up the 1st of the month.  Once they are gone, they are gone until the following 1st of the month.


Please read all of the following carefully:


This is not your typical birth chart reading!

Nicole is a Wellness Astrologer specializing in emotional healing.  She uses a unique in depth approach that is designed for you to tap into your inner and outer emotional being.  She creates personalized Cosmic Emotional Maps alongside your birth chart session. With Nicole's cosmic tools, you will discover how to spiritually connect with your emotional self- awareness, self-worth, self-love, self-talk and SO much more!


What is a birth chart?

It is the blueprint to your soul's purpose.  It is the map your soul planned out before entering this life.  Nicole will dive into your emotional past, present, and future. Nicole will discuss your emotional connections in career, relationships, and wellness.  She will go over your emotional strengths, and weaknesses.

This reading is about YOU!

(This is for ONE person, YOU!  This session may give a general overview of your love life, but if you are looking for specifics please come back for Nicole's seasonal couple's Synasty Reading sessions)


What do I need?

*Nicole MUST have the exact date, time and location of your birth in order to provide an accurate reading. Check your birth certificate.

(If your exact birth time is not known a 30 minute window is acceptable, but be aware that the reading may not be as accurate.)

*Why does Nicole need your birth time? To pull up the exact location of the stars and planets the exact moment you were born. From there she will interpret their meaning.

*Nicole will need to know the purpose for this session.  Please email a maximum of 4 questions that you may want answered in the messages while booking.  Not sure what to ask? Just say "general guidance."  Readings without questions may be shorter.  HERE are some samples.

*You may reply ONCE in an email after your session and ask questions.


What will I receive?

You will receive an email with a 30-45 minute recording of your session.  An image of your birth chart, a downloadable PDF note-taking guide, and a personalized Cosmic Emotional Map.



Nicole gives her undivided attention to each and every personalized Cosmic Emotional Map and birth chart session.  If you need a quick Astrology Reading this is NOT for you.


*SELECT EMAIL at check out.  You will receive your 30-45 minute birth chart reading in an email within 14 business days (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends)

i.e: They are NOT business days. If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday. Please be patient- Nicole is a mama above all else. 



All readings are confidential.  Nicole is not providing legal, medical, or psychological advice.  Consult a liscenced medical proffesional for medical and pyschological adivce.
Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours after purchase.  There will be NO REFUNDS after that.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: You must be 18 years of age to purchase a Sage Astrology and Wellness Reading. All credit card purchases must be made by credit card holder.  By purchasing a reading from Sage Astrology and Wellness you are agreeing that you are providing your own personal information and not another parties.  (Click on T&C to read more). 

Cosmic Emotional Birth Chart Reading

  • 30-45 minute voice recording session, a birth chart image, and a note-taking pdf, and a personalized Cosmic Emotional Map.  This will be sent to you in an email within 14 business days of purchase. (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends) i.e: If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday.

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