What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You As A Mama

Mothers may have qualities from all of the zodiac signs but your personal zodiac emphasizes specific characteristics.

Aries Mother: ♈

Keywords: Leadership, Energy

Aries mother is definitely in charge. She teaches her child that independence is important. She lets her child learn from their own experiences as she watches safely from afar. She loves doing new activities with her little one. She is fun and energetic.

Taurus Mother: ♉

Keywords: Patience, Trust

Taurus mother is extremely patient. Patient as time itself, and her little one appreciates that. Her first response to her little one’s questions are often, “No.” However, after time to think about the question at hand she may change her mind. She may be found enjoying time in the garden or kitchen with her little one.

Gemini Mother: ♊

Keywords: Communication, Mind

Gemini mother loves a good conversation with her child. Even if her little one does not talk yet she finds a way to communicate with them. She teaches her child to be curious about the world. Shared moments doing puzzles, or checking out new tech gadgets with her child are much appreciated.

Cancer Mother: ♋

Keywords: Nurture, Memories

Cancer mother tries not to let it show but is sensitive and empathetic to her child’s needs. Nothing is better to her in life than cuddles with her baby. Making memories with her little one is the core of her motherhood.

Leo Mother: ♌

Keywords: Proud, Playful

Leo mother is a protective lioness. She teaches her child to have a sense of pride in their work. She is playful and fun. She may be seen with her little one creating artsy crafts or playing dress up.

Virgo Mother: ♍

Keywords: Organized, Health

Virgo mother is there for her child whenever they need her. Teaching her little one basic organization skills like making their bed and cleaning their room is high on her list. Her child may not appreciate it in the moment but will be thankful later. A healthy diet for her child is very important to her.

Libra Mother: ♎

Keywords: Share, Respect

Libra mother teaches her child the significance of sharing and manners. She wants her child to be a respectful member in the community. She enjoys listening to music and arts of all sorts with her little one.

Scorpio Mother: ♏

Keywords: Passion, Growth

Scorpio mother is extremely passionate about any activity her child participates in. Her child knows they will always have her support. Milestones are near and dear to her heart. She makes sure to document them through keepsakes and photographs.