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October Forecast 2021

Four Planets station Direct this month! That means that they are no longer in retrograde. Retrograde is a time we reflect inward on the planetary theme. It is a time to think about things that really matter or things that we really want in life and what actions we would like to carry out.

If we take the time to reflect during retrograde, when the planet is Direct we should have more clarity of our heart's desires and be refocused.

Read below to find out which planets station Direct.

The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

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October 7th Venus enters Sagittarius- When Venus and Sagittarius get together we are looking for freedom within our love relationships. This is not saying that you need to break up with someone. It is reminding you that you can be complete without your other half, to find your own independence. Venus in Sagittarius is reminding us that we can be in relationships and have separate friends, different interests or hobbies. All of these independent things actually help you bring back knowledge and wisdom that will help your relationships blossom. With Venus in Sagittarius we may also loosen up a little with our values or spend money more freely.

October 22nd Sun enters Scorpio- ♏HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIOS!!🎉 Scorpio governs transformation, shadow work, and investigation. They are observers and can be often seen scoping out a group of people before interacting. They are not afraid to discuss the dark and scary parts of life. The Phoenix bird is often represented for Scorpio as well, this is because Scorpios know that with sorrow, facing our fears, or traumas we can rise from the ashes into something more beautiful and powerful than we were ever before. This is a loyal, passionate, and powerful sign putting all their energy into their desires.

October 30 Mars enters Scorpio- Mars governs our energy and sex drive and Scorpio rules our genitalia. This transit will bring more intimacy to our love relationships and we may be feeling more passion toward our loved ones. Be cautious about one partner trying to be dominant over the other during this time. Conflict and challenges may arise quickly, but be resolved just as fast. Sex life aside, Mars and Scorpio together want power so we may feel that in other areas of our life such as work.

In honor of Spooky Season here are....


  1. Narcissists- only look out for themselves, selfish, egotistical

  2. Whatever you do isn't enough- exactly what that says

  3. Mooch- takers and receivers, not givers

  4. Drama- stirring the pot

  5. Jealous & Judgmental- never truly happy for you and constantly criticizing

  6. Manipulative Storytellers- twisting stories to their benefit

  7. One-Uppers- everything they say or do is better than what you say or do

Crystal to protect yourself from Energy Vampires:

Black Tourmaline

Call to your Angels or Guides:

"Dear Angels and Spirit Guides, Please surround me with a bubble of light and protect me from negative energy. And so it is."

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