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November Forecast 2021

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I'm moving!

No, not to a new country or state but to a new location in my city.

I no longer will just be working from home via zoom sessions or at expos.

I will now be available in person in Omaha!

Many, many of you have asked for this over the past 2 years. I knew I always wanted to do this but I was just waiting for the right time.

Thank you all for supporting my services and encouraging me to take this step.

I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

I will be working in a building with other Holistic Practitioners such as:

Herbal Medicine, Reiki, and Massage Therapy

I have also added on to some of my services so be sure to check them out here.

With that being said...


Come to the Sage Astrology and Wellness House Warming Party





🌙Good Vibes

Tentative Date: Sunday Nov. 28th

521 N 33rd St #2097, Omaha, NE 68131

Or just come say, "Hi!"

If you have met me before then you know that I love to chat with you all

For more details rsvp to my facebook event page

November 5th Venus Enters Capricorn- When Venus is Capricorn we are focused more on our ambitions. We have the drive to be successful in areas that we value. You may also find that you are so determined or in love with getting things accomplished that you may forget about your loved ones needs or your own personal needs. Reaching your goals is rewarding but it is even more amazing to have loved ones or those that have helped you by your side celebrating with you.

November 5th Mercury enters Scorpio- Mercury governs our mind and communication. Scorpio is the ruler of investigation. If you haven't already guessed it, this is a powerful placement for the mind to be. This transit has us diving deep into our thoughts and even how we express ourselves. Note that we are in Scorpio so we may discover things we do not like, but it is only to grow from them and resurface so that you can become more powerful with your mind and words. Under this transit you may be attracted to solving puzzles, astrology, or reading or watching mysteries. Overall, this transit LOOOVES to get to the bottom of things.

November 21st Sun enters Sagittarius- 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FELLOW SAGITTARIANS!!♐ Sagittarius is derived from the root word Sage, meaning wise one or wisdom. This sign rules knowledge, education, philosophy, wisdom etc. The symbol is the Centaur who shoots his bow and arrow, the arrows point forward to the direction in which a Sagittarius is always move onward to search for the truth. Sagittarians love to travel and often feel unsettled. They are ruled by the biggest planet Jupiter which governs optimism and abundance. You can often find a Sagittarian with a big smile because they know that everything is allll good.

November 24th Mercury enters Sagittarius- After all that in depth researching with Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury in Sagittarius invites you to have some fun with your knowledge. It reminds you that you are wise in whatever mental strength that you do have, because we all have them. This transit tells you to be curious about other topics that perhaps did not interest you before.

In honor of the month of Thanks, in America.

I want to teach you more about using thank you for affirmations.

Most of us may be familiar with what affirmations are.

In simple terms, stating something that is yours so that you are to receive it:

I am happy.

I am financially wealthy.

and so on...

But did you know that if you also say:

Thank you, (insert higher being or self), for making me happy.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for my financial wealth.

That you are in fact, affirming that you have already received it with gratitude.

That it IS already yours!

When we do this we are sending out waves to the universe to collaborate

and to bring us what we have already claimed to be ours.

Being thankful is such an important balance to affirmations.

Give it a try!

Did you take a peak at my new services?

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