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March Forecast 2022

Last month, I did a soft launch for my Empath Archetype Quiz.

Did you get a moment to check it out? If not, here is the link below:


The quiz helps identify your EMPATH ARCHETYPE or EMPATH POWER.

Be sure to watch the video at the end of the results.

I encourage you to share this quiz with other empaths.


The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

My First Zodiac Book by Nicole Sagesse invites children to meet the 12 zodiacs, the planets, and elements. Your children can learn social, emotional, and behavioral skills from astrology. You will also find beginner-level sight words, labeling, and 36 vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions inside.

Wonderful for ages 2-7!

I will be offering my services at a discounted rate:

Astrology Sessions 20 minutes for $25

Emotion Code Sessions 15 minutes for $20

March 6th Mars enters Aquarius- Mars governs our energy, drive, and assertiveness. While it transits through Aquarius, we will be focused more on participating in community or group events. Whatever interests it is that you have you may find yourself amongst that group more often than normal. Mars in Aquarius wants to get things done as a whole. Combining all the unique ideas that each individual may have into one collective passion.

March 6th Venus enters Aquarius- Venus and Mars will be working hand in hand while in Aquarius. Venus will bring the inspiration from our values. She will remind us of what the root of our drive is. She is the motivation. Providing the core love for what drives us. Since she is also in Aquarius it will still be centered around originality and group activities.

March 9th Mercury enters Pisces- Mercury in Pisces allows us to be more kindhearted with our words and thoughts. Pisces rules compassion so it will be geared more toward others, but it is important to provide that for yourself as well. It is a good time to write down the positive thoughts that come to your mind so that you can keep them on days you need them the most.


March 20th Sun enters Aries- 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARIES! ♈ The first day of Aries, or Spring, is also the Astrology New Year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, a rebirth. Aries is ruled by fire, energy, and Mars, also energy! They are the initiators and the leaders. They often get things going but are not usually the ones to complete a project. Their high energy can also be interpreted as assertive or aggressive.

March 27th Mercury enters Aries- After spending most of the month in the collaborative sign of Aquarius, Mercury is now ready to take a break and go back to independent thinking. Aries enjoys working solo, and as mentioned above is the initiator. Mercury is stepping into this sign as a reboot to gather your own new creative thoughts and expression.

Below is a guided meditation for planting a seed for NEW BEGINNINGS!

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