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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Women can connect their cycle to that of the moon. It used to be that women of traditional cultures living among nature would menstruate under the New Moon.

I started my journey of following the lunar cycle about 5 months ago. I found that it kept me focused and calm. I felt less stressed and was able to accomplish one mama goal at a time. A lot of us can become overwhelmed with keeping the house clean, cooking, laundry etc. on top of taking care of our little ones. I’ve been so happy with my results that I’ve been talking about it constantly to those around me.

But I’ve come to realize that many of you might be thinking, “What exactly are you going on about?!” So, here I am trying to explain to you how awesomely freeing this can be! Firstly, we are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions and how we are supposed to maintain that goal for 365 possibly 366 days! Let’s be honest, that is hard! There is a new Lunar cycle every month. This is great because if you don't uphold to your goal or intentions its OK you can start over the next month, or the next month…or the next month. Fix it or move on to something new.

Alright, lets get started. The lunar cycle represents birth, growth, death, and rebirth. There are 8 phases of the moon and each one is intended for something different (see below). Only 8 days out of the whole month, you've totally got this. In between phases you work on that phase the entire time. You can download my free moon phase calendar on my web page here. I like to circle the days on a big calendar. You could even set reminders on your phone for the moon phase days. Download my moon phase journal template here to help guide you. My template goes into more detail for the meaning of each phase.

Exactly how do you start? Here is a scenario:

My kitchen is always a mess. I can’t keep on top of the dishes.

Phase 1- New Beginning- Try to set a goal in these 4 areas: personal, health, business, relationships

Ex: Relationships: Argue less with my partner about doing the dishes.

Phase 2- Ease In- Start cleaning when you can. If you can’t let it be.

Phase 3- Take action- Pick one day a week to do most of the dishes. If it goes well add another day of the week.

Phase 4- Keep going!- You got this Mama!

Phase 5- Celebrate! If you have stuck to it so far then Party like a Mama! Have that second glass of wine and take that hot bath! If you have gotten away from your goal then celebrate that you have tried and pick it up again. No worries.

Phase 6- Be thankful- Say thank you for this cycle teaching you what you have learned. Say thank you to anyone that may have helped you.

Phase 7-Move on- If what you are doing has worked then keep doing it. If it has not, then let it go. Do not stress out.

Phase 8- Reflection- Did your plan for the dishes go well? What would you keep doing? What would you change? Will you try this again?

For more guidance download my moon journal template here.

Love, Light, and Happy Moon Gazing!

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