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June 2021 Forecast

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In case you missed it:

June 2nd Venus enters Cancer- Venus governs our love, values, and beauty. While she transits through sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer we will find ourselves being more compassionate for our loved ones needs. Home life and home life matters, family etc., become even more significant during this time. We may even want to redecorate our home to make it more beautiful. Sensitivity for yourself and others will also be high.

June 10th NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI- Eclipses are a universal push to get us to do things we have been putting off. A New Moon is a time for manifestation and new beginnings. Since this Eclipse is in Gemini the themes will be centered around duality, communication, intellect, curiosity and innovation. What have you been ignoring in those areas? The cosmos will be giving you an accelerated boost to get things going toward your greatest good. Stay inTuned with my IG and FB posts closer to this date for more on this eclipse.

June 11th Mars enters Leo- This is a fun dynamic duo! Mars is ruler of our energy and drive force, and Leo rules creativity, fun, and playfulness. Expect a good time while these two join forces! We may finally get those creative projects we have been thinking about going. Mostly, it will be a time to let loose. But as I always say, remember to balance that energy. Don't over do it we all have priorities we have to take care of.

June 20th Jupiter turns Retrograde- Retrograde is when a planet appears to orbit backward. This is a time to reflect inward under the planetary themes. Jupiter governs wisdom, optimism, luck, abundance and expansion. We will be called to: Rediscover our past knowledge, Reclaim our happiness, Reacquire our fortunes.

June 20th Sun enters Cancer- ♋HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANCER!🎉 Cancer's symbol is the crab, and rightfully so. Cancers project a hard outer shell or tough stance to emotions, but are truly soft on the inside. They are sensitive not only for themselves, but also for others. The shield that they carry is because feeling for oneself and others can be extremely overwhelming. This sign is naturally nurturing and is gifted at making anyone feel at home in their presence.

June 22 Mercury goes Direct- We are in the clear for now! Well, as far as communication and technology goes. Our words and thoughts will be less jumbled. Technology will work better for us. Under the retrograde period it was a time to reflect before we expressed ourselves and lessons learned will now benefit us going forward.

June 26th Venus enters Leo- Venus and Leo bring the spotlight on our self. How can we value ourselves? How can we allow our self to shine? It is definitely a 'me' time. We will enjoy more luxurious items and may feel like being a little extra.

The daily practice of being thankful improves your overall happiness and health. Creating a mindful influence in your life. When you are aware of your gratefulness you are more likely to have less stress, sleep better, and feel rejuvenated. Here are 5 Gratitude Rituals you can practice:

*Please don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do all 5. Pick 1 or 2 and focus on those.

1. Write in a Journal

We often are thankful for big moments in our lives, but we sometimes forget the small moments. Each night before bed take 5 minutes to write things you are grateful for from that day. Read them out loud so that it permeates your mind and body. The goal is to feel the gratitude.

2. Say, “Thank You!”

Acknowledge what others do for you by saying, “Thank you” to them or send a Thank You note. It is simple but effective.

3. Meditate or Quiet Space

Take a deep breath in and out. Find a quiet space and think about something you are grateful for. If you like to meditate take 10 minutes to sit in peace. End your quiet time or meditation with your palms together over your heart and say, “I am gratitude” Or, “I feel gratitude.”

4. Light a Candle or Incense

Transition your mind to a positive attitude. Inhale and exhale. Light a candle or an incense and say, “I am gratitude.” Or “I feel gratitude.” An alter or sacred place in your home is a good place to do this.

5. Make a Gratitude Bowl or Jar

Choose a jar, bowl, or any container. Perhaps something that is of significance to you. Add some items that give you a sense of happiness or items that you are grateful for. You may add notes of things that you are grateful for. Take a couple minutes of your day to look at a few of these items and remind yourself why you are thankful. Add things as needed.

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