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January Forecast 2022

Last month I was featured on the Stormie Grace YouTube Academy.

I taught on the roster amongst world-renowned astrologers.

It was such an honor to share my birth chart interpretation for emotional well-being.

In case you missed it, you can catch it down below!


The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

My First Zodiac Book by Nicole Sagesse invites children to meet the 12 zodiacs, the planets, and elements. Your children can learn social, emotional, and behavioral skills from astrology. You will also find beginner-level sight words, labeling, and 36 vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions inside.

Wonderful for ages 2-7!

January 2nd Mercury enters Aquarius- Mercury and Aquarius together enhance our inventive skills. We will have interest in unusual topics or things we often don't feel called to talk about. Since Aquarius is the sign of humanity we may feel called to speak up about this topic and stand up for others. Mercury in Aquarius brings thoughts on how we can accept everyone for who they are.

January 14th Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius- Mercury in retrograde calls for a time to search within our thoughts, communication, and expression. The theme of which we will internalize are those that Aquarius represents: humanity, uniqueness, community, rebellion,

January 18th North Node enters Taurus- North Node is our future destiny. When in Taurus we may feel more patient as we try to find stability within our lives. We won't feel the need to rush or do things and get what we want right away. We will be looking for sense of being grounded and calm and surrounding ourselves with people and things that can provide this for us. North Node in Taurus will bring the desire to earn our own money.

January 19th Sun enters Aquarius- 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUARIANS!!♒ Gosh, this is just a fun, free-spirited, eccentric sign! I have always admired the way Aquarians follow the beat to their own drum. And if I am being honest, I don't even know if they know, or care, what their beat is! I have a very close Aquarian in my life and as I write this, I can picture their energy. Aquarians do not like to be told how to be or live life. They enjoy all the strange things in life. If it is normal, it probably isn't cool to them. They are inventive and have the most unusual and creative ideas. Aquarians love speaking up and representing causes for humanity especially if it means standing up for a unique cause or for those who are different.

January 24th Mars enters Capricorn- Mars in Capricorn will give us an extra boost on working toward our goals and ambitions. Mars may bring too much energy and cause a burnout. Be cautious of that. Remember not to burn any loved ones that have supported you along your journey.

January 25th Mercury enters Capricorn- Mercury in Capricorn will go hand in hand with Mars in Capricorn. Not only will we be driven energetically, but Mercury the ruler of our mind will keep us focused on our goals. We may have new ideas brewing that will help us achieve the success we want. Mercury here will also have us using our voice in a leadership role.

January 29th Venus goes Direct in Capricorn- While Venus was in retrograde in Capricorn, we were internally focused on our values and relationships. It was a time to slow down and analyze what was important to us in those areas. Now that Venus is direct in Capricorn, it is time to use what you learned during retrograde and put it to motion. Perhaps you will be starting something new to benefit you in these areas or maybe you need to cut ties with someone or something.

Let's talk goal setting!

It is a New Year and many of us may be setting new goals we would like to accomplish.

Here are 3 reasons why goal setting is important.

  1. Goal setting helps us focus. It gives a direction for our day to day or overall life.

  2. Goal setting helps us identify what is important to us. Taking the time think about or to write down our goals really highlights what is important or special to us.

ANNND....(drum roll)

3. Goal setting is good for your overall emotional well-being!! It makes us feel good!

It gives us something to look forward to and gives us motivation for our day.

If you'd like to set goals according to the moon phases download my


Moon Journal
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