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February Forecast 2022

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

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I am an Empath; I feel other people's emotions but not just that. Sometimes I receive messages of emotions through dreams or clairaudience.

This quiz helps identify your EMPATH ARCHETYPE or EMPATHIC POWER.



The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

My First Zodiac Book by Nicole Sagesse invites children to meet the 12 zodiacs, the planets, and elements. Your children can learn social, emotional, and behavioral skills from astrology. You will also find beginner-level sight words, labeling, and 36 vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions inside.

Wonderful for ages 2-7!

I will be offering my services at a discounted rate:

Astrology Sessions 20 minutes for $25

Emotion Code Sessions 15 minutes for $20

February 3rd Mercury goes Direct- While Mercury was in retrograde, we were facing internal thoughts toward themes of Mercury in Aquarius (which is described below). Now that it has stationed direct it is time to use what we learned to push forward in a direction that is best for us individually.

February 14th Mercury enters Aquarius- Mercury first entered Aquarius in January but back peddled out of it into Capricorn. So here we are given another chance to understand Mercury's messages while in Aquarius. Mercury and Aquarius together enhance our inventive skills. We will have interest in unusual topics or things we often don't feel called to talk about. Since Aquarius is the sign of humanity we may feel called to speak up about this topic and stand up for others. Mercury in Aquarius brings thoughts on how we can accept everyone for who they are.

February 18th Sun enters Pisces- 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PISCES! ♓ Pisces is a compassionate, intuitive, and emotional sign. It is the ruler of dreams and spirituality. They are big dreamers and can find themselves getting lost in a world of illusion and not wanting to face reality, because their dreams may seem better than the harsh truth. Pisceans make good healers and are wonderful in the creative arts field.

💞Healthy relationships:

A healthy relationship is a balanced relationship.

Take a moment to reflect on your close personal relationships 1 at a time.

After reflection, get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.

Choose 1 relationship to write about.

On 1 side write down all the things or benefits you bring to the relationship.

On the other side write down all the things or benefits the other person brings to a relationship.

More reflection, what changes if any need to be made? How can you be better? How can they be better? Is this relationship going to continue to work the way things are?

Bonus: Have the other person do this activity. If the right time presents itself emotionally, open up a discussion.

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