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December Forecast 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In-person Emotion Code sessions are a now a thing! Yes, thanks to all of your support!

I appreciate every single one of you that came to show me love at the Open House event!

In-person sessions are only available in Omaha on Fridays.

Zoom sessions are still available to clients outside of the area.

(Yes, I still do online Astrology sessions too!)

To book your Emotion Code session go here.


The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!

My First Zodiac Book by Nicole Sagesse invites children to meet the 12 zodiacs, the planets, and elements. Your children can learn social, emotional, and behavioral skills from astrology. You will also find beginner-level sight words, labeling, and 36 vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions inside.

Wonderful for ages 2-7!

December 1st Neptune goes Direct in Pisces- Neptune governs spirituality, illusions and daydreams. While in retrograde, we were most likely able to find time to slow down and understand or analyze the meanings of dreams. With it going direct we may find ourselves more disconnected from the meanings. So, use what you learned during retrograde to help you as it stations direct.

December 13th Mars enters Sagittarius- Both Mars and Sagittarius are fiery by nature! Under this transit we will feel bursts of energy and ready to try or do new things. Sagittarius is about having fun while learning and becoming remember not to take it all too seriously. Mars may bring an aggressive tone to these new adventures, as in wanting results in the NOW.

December 19th Venus Retrograde in Capricorn- I spoke about Venus in Capricorn in the November newsletter. You can read more about that here. While in retrograde Venus will have us reflect inward toward our goals and accomplishments.

December 19th Chiron stations Direct in Capricorn- Chiron tells us directly where our wounds are. While it was in Capricorn we may have seen where our self-doubt was as far as our goals or ambitions go. We may have had fear of moving forward or experienced imposter syndrome. The key is to use what triggers may have come up during retrograde to heal the wounds for your future.

December 21 Capricorn Season- 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPRICORNS!!♑ Capricorns govern hard work, ambitions, accomplishments, and goals. Often times they work so hard for themselves and loved ones that they forget the reason they are even working hard in the first place. Capricorns radiate success in areas of their work. They may often be leaders or bosses. Capricorns can be disassociated with emotions because they may feel they do not have time to feel, after all they have to get down to business. A Capricorn not completely tapped into their energy may be quite the opposite, lazy and lethargic.

December 28th Jupiter enters Pisces- Jupiter entered Pisces back in May of this year. As always with the cosmos, when we enter a cycle again it is another chance to use what we have learned and propel forward in this life. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and absolutely loves being here. This transit magnifies our imagination, creativity, and dreams. Its beneficial to keep a dream journal during this time.

What is HYGGE (hue-guh) ?

Hygge is a Danish word and Scandinavian tradition of bringing light into our lives?

Hygge translates to 'comfort.'

As the Northern Hemisphere is currently experiencing darkness for longer periods of the day. Some of us may find ourselves entering seasonal depression.

Hygge offers us a way to bring light to our lives during this 'dark' time.

So how can you do this? Well, everyone's definition of comfort may be different.

A soft blanket, a glass of wine, a scented candle, meditation, journaling.

Whatever sounds relaxing and comfortable to you, that is your Hygge!

That IS your light!

This may seem simple, but sometimes even simple can be extremely effective.

The practice of Hygge encourages us to take time and savor the moment for ourselves, for our overall emotional well-being!

(p.s. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you can practice this and add more light to your lives!)

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