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August 2021 Forecast

Have you been called "too sensitive" or "too emotional?"

Do you struggle with your own emotions?

Do your emotions overwhelm you?

Are you a giver?

If you are still reading this section, most likely you said YES to these questions and feel guilty about it.

But what if I told you that it is ok you answered YES because it means you are building your Emotional Self-awareness.

Emotional Self-awareness is just 1 of the key components to improving your Emotional Intelligence.

💫Join the Cosmic Goddess Emotional Empowerment Program which was created to take you from "I hate this feeling" to "I choose this feeling."

This IS absolutely possible! I know because not only do I do this every day, but I have taught others how to as well.

I have worked with hundreds of feelers like yourself and shown them their cosmic emotional design so that they can work with, break, or create new patterns and work toward their emotional well-being.

This is a self-guided program with courses released over a period of 6 months that align with the New Moons and Full Moons, providing an opportunity with a 1- on-1 Emotion Code session with myself, as we dive deep into your astrology chart to empower your emotions.

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN! There are payment plans are available. Spots are limited and some are already taken.

Haven't you felt this way long enough?!

August 11th Mercury enters Virgo- Mercury is at home in Virgo so its powers or themes are more prominent here. This transit allows us to be more particular about the way we want things done. Thoughts, ideas, communication will all be analyzed and possibly re-analyzed and re-analyzed until it seems perfect. Take time out to breathe as this over-thinking can cause worry and stress.

August 15th Venus enters Libra- Venus is at home in Libra. Venus governs love, beauty, and values and Libra is about balance. This is can be a wonderful time to begin relationships or for new beginnings within old relationships. This transit brings harmony and balance to our partnerships. We may find ourselves in love with love and floating on cloud 9.

August 19th Uranus Retrograde enters Taurus- Uranus is unexpected change and Taurus rules finances, stability, and material possessions. With Uranus retrograde, it will be a time to reflect inward on these things. If something unexpected has happened in those areas the cosmos are asking you to rework them so that you can become more financially stable. Or how would you redefine your relationship with material possessions and money?

August 22nd Sun enters Virgo- 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGOS!! Virgos have a special place in my heart because my son is a Virgo. Virgos are known to be organizers and like routine, but I want to point out that it means that they are organized by their own definition. The routine that works for them is what provides them the most comfort. This sign is ruled by intellect, analysis, health, and wellness. There can be a desire to do things perfectly, in their own way, that can cause frustration, stress, or anxiety. They tend to think cautiously before making decisions.

August 30th Mercury enters Libra- Mercury in Libra brings us the need for better communication within our partnerships. This can be in our personal relationships or our business relationships. We may take the time to think before we speak because we will want to keep the peace around us.

I created a FREE MINI-COURSE just for you all! Here is what you can soak up:

  • How to build up your emotional self-awareness

  • How to build up your self-worth

  • Practice Mood Reflection

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