5 Gratitude Rituals

The daily practice of being thankful improves your overall happiness and health. Creating a mindful influence in your life. When you are aware of your gratefulness you are more likely to have less stress, sleep better, and feel rejuvenated. Here are 5 Gratitude Rituals you can practice:

Practice Gratitude

*Please don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do all 5. Pick 1 or 2 and focus on those.

1. Write in a Journal

We often are thankful for big moments in our lives, but we sometimes forget the small moments. Each night before bed take 5 minutes to write things you are grateful for from that day. Read them out loud so that it permeates your mind and body. The goal is to feel the gratitude.

2. Say, “Thank You!”

Acknowledge what others do for you by saying, “Thank you” to them or send a Thank You note. It is simple but effective.

3. Meditate or Quiet Space

Take a deep breath in and out. Find a quiet space and think about something you are grateful for. If you like to meditate take 10 minutes to sit in peace. End your quiet time or meditation with your palms together over your heart and say, “I am gratitude” Or, “I feel gratitude.”

4. Light a Candle or Incense

Transition your mind to a positive attitude. Inhale and exhale. Light a candle or an incense and say, “I am gratitude.” Or “I feel gratitude.” An alter or sacred place in your home is a good place to do this.

5. Make a Gratitude Bowl or Jar

Choose a jar, bowl, or any container. Perhaps something that is of significance to you. Add some items that give you a sense of happiness or items that you are grateful for. You may add notes of things that you are grateful for. Take a couple minutes of your day to look at a few of these items and remind yourself why you are thankful. Add things as needed.

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