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Why do you need my birth time?

To pull up the exact location of the stars and planets the exact moment you were born. From there I interpret their meaning.


What if I don't know my exact birth time?

Unfortunately, I do need your exact birth time to do a reading.  Birth times are on most birth certificates.  

Shipping or Email?

SELECT EMAIL for sessions. The webpage provider requires shipping details for all store app users, such as myself.  If your session or purchase does not require shipping you still need to fill that section out. Then select 'Email' as the delivery method.

SELECT SHIPPING for apparel.

When will I get my voice recording?

You will receive your voice recording in an email within 14 business days. (Saturday and Sunday are the weekends)     

 i.e: If you make a purchase on a Saturday the first business day will not be until the following Monday.

Astrology Reading questions:

If you want to ask this..                 ...ask or know this

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