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Let the stars guide you. Empower your emotional well-being.

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Cosmic Soul!

I’m Nicole, and you are here at exactly the right moment!
Are you an over-analyzer?  Do you have anxiety?
Are you self-critical or a perfectionist?
As your Wellness Astrologer I am here to remind you that:
YOU  are capable, YOU are strong,  YOU are worthy,
YOU’ve got this, YOUR perfect is perfect,  
and YOU are beautiful inside and out! 
Cosmic guidance can help you embrace your emotions
and go after your dreams!

Emotion Code

Emotion Code

Nicole is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  She uses the Emotion Code, an energy healing technique, to release trapped emotions.

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My First Zodiac Book

My First Zodiac Book

The zodiac characters are just like you! Learn their names and what they like to do!  "My First Zodiac Book" is written by Nicole Sagesse and illustrated by Jana Walther.  Perfect for children ages 2-7. 

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Download FREE pdf activities too!

Birth Chart

Cosmic Emotional Map

Nicole specializes in cosmic emotional birth chart readings.  In her sessions, you will receive a 30-minute voice recording, a birth chart image, a downloadable PDF note-taking guide, and a

Cosmic Emotional Map!

Cosmic Goddess

Cosmic Goddess Emotional Empowerment

The Cosmic Goddess Emotional Empowerment program is spiritual and holistic healing.  Nicole provides 6 months of guided lessons with a variety of resources to improve one's emotional well-being.